Bye-bye, Twitter trolls
Use Block Party to filter out unwanted Twitter @mentions and use Twitter as normal. Works in every language.

Several angry trolls surround a phone with a Twitter feed on it. On the phone, tweets from the angry trolls are highlighted and then removed from the Twitter feed into a Block Party Lockout Folder, where the user blocks and mutes their accounts. At the end, the phone shows a message confirming that there is no other content to review.

Take back control of your Twitter experience with powerful anti-harassment tools
Automatic muting to reduce day-to-day noise
Like an insurance policy against unwanted mentions, Lockout Filters silently run in the background, auto-muting so you can keep using Twitter as normal.
Bulk block for moments of crisis
Stop the pile-on fast. With Block Lists, instantly block anyone who liked or retweeted a problematic Tweet.
A menu with three block list options: ‘block accounts who retweeted a tweet’, ‘block accounts who liked a tweet’, and ‘create and save custom block lists
A blob person waves at a lockout folder screen. There is a purple banner at the top that says “You’re now in Helper View for Anna”
Get trusted help dealing with harassment
You don't have to face the trolls alone. With Helper View, invite those you trust to mute and block for you— without giving them full access to your account.
An unhappy blob person wearing glasses looks at their phone while sitting on a grey couch. Speech bubbles above them show different types of angry trolls.
You shouldn’t have to risk your safety to have a voice
Whether you’re a journalist, creator, activist, athlete, fan, or just very online, you deserve to have a troll-free online experience.
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A happy blob person wearing glasses sits in their house while the sun shines and birds fly by peacefully outside.
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