How do I redeem my gift subscription?

Redemption instructions for new users

If you are a new user, you may have received your gift one of three ways: via an email from Block Party, as a link directly from the person who gifted you the subscription, or by having the gift directly linked to your Twitter handle.

If you received a link from Block Party or your gifter, simply click on the link to get started. The link will take you to a page that will then walk you through our onboarding process—at the end of which you'll not only have a new Block Party account, but also your new Premium subscription!

If you are a new user whose gift is linked to your Twitter screen name, you can just go to our home page and select "Sign up with Twitter". We'll then fetch your gift and set you up with a new account pre-loaded with your new Premium subscription.

Redemption instructions for existing users

If you are an existing user, then you can redeem your gift by following the link that was shared with you. In addition, if the gift is linked to your email address or Twitter screen name, you will also be able to find your gift in the Billing section of the Settings page.