How do Lockout Filters work?

Lockout Filters help filter out the people on Twitter that are more likely to send you unwanted or harassing content. You get to decide who you’re in the mood to hear from and can change the strength of Block Party’s filters accordingly. Anyone that we mute for you on Twitter is put into your Lockout Folder. From here, you can review and take action on any content we’ve muted so you’re less likely to miss out on anything important.

A more permissive version of Lockout Filters let most people through to your @mentions, only muting the accounts that are most likely to be harassing, such as accounts with very few followers, no profile photo or that were just recently created.

A more restrictive version of Lockout Filters mute people that you're not following by default, with exceptions, such as people followed by people you follow, verified users and people you've recently replied to.