How often should I check my Lockout Folder?

Looking through potentially harassing or unwanted content isn’t easy so it’s up to you how often you want to review your Lockout Folder. Your home page will display the number of muted accounts in your Lockout Folder and we’ll also update you about any activity in your Block Party account in a daily or weekly email.

This also depends on how strict you’ve set your Lockout Filters. If you really need a break from the wider Twittersphere, for example, you can limit what you see on Twitter to only specific types of accounts — but that also means there’s a greater chance that we’ll mute some people that aren’t sending any harassing content. In that case, there might be more in your Lockout Folder to check on.

We encourage you to enlist your trusted family, friends, colleagues to join you as a Block Party Helper to help you comb through the Lockout Folder for your own mental health.