What alternatives can I use to stay safe on Twitter while Block Party’s product is on hiatus?

Unfortunately, most of the safety tools in the Twitter developer ecosystem have shut down. In the meantime, you can replicate some features of Block Party Lockout Folders by adjusting your settings on Twitter. 

We recommend that you mute notifications from the following account types to partially replicate Lockout Filters: 

A menu of options for muting notifications on Twitter. All the boxes are checked off.

Although this will not replace Lockout Filters or your Lockout Folder, as it will not e.g. serve the purpose of capturing mentions from muted accounts and putting them in a folder for review, you’ll at least avoid the notifications from those accounts.

If you’d like support with this and other important settings updates, try our new browser extension. It can help to speed up the process of adjusting your settings to reduce your risk of online attacks on Twitter and other social media platforms.