How it works
Block Party is a suite of powerful anti-harassment tools for Twitter that allows you to continue experiencing the personal and professional benefits of being on social media—without the negative mental health impact.
Here's how we make it happen.
Make your day-to-day more bearable with Lockout Filters
Lockout Filters help mute people most likely to bother you with unwanted or harassing content. You can modify the strength of your filters so that they meet your personal needs, and your mood, at any given time.
Sign up via Twitter
Get started by signing up for Block Party and linking your Twitter account.
Set filters that suit your needs
Adjust your filters to determine who you want to hear from in your Twitter @mentions.
Use Twitter as usual
Use Twitter as usual through a web browser or mobile app in your own language.
Review filtered content anytime
All content that's been filtered out goes into your Lockout Folder, for review on your own time.
Respond to moments of crisis with Block Lists
Sometimes a single Tweet can trigger an avalanche of abuse. Take action to reclaim your mentions fast with Block Lists.
Identify a bad Tweet to block
Copy the link to a harassing Tweet and paste it in Block Lists.
Block by likes/ RTs in one click
Block all accounts that liked or retweeted the Tweet (or both!).
Upload a pre-existing list
If you have a list of accounts to block, copy and paste it right in.
Make as many
lists as you need
Repeat as needed; all lists are saved for your review anytime.
Get support from your friends with Helper View
You don’t have to face the trolls alone. Helper View allows trusted supporters to take action on your behalf—without needing to give full access to your Twitter account.
Choose someone you trust to help
Input the email address of a friend, family member, or trusted supporter to get started.
Set the right level of permissions
You can add new Helpers or remove old ones at any time.
Have Helpers mute and block for you
Helpers can view your Lockout Folders, mute and un-mute, and even block on your behalf.
Take back control of your online experience
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