Giving you a safer experience online

We're building a consumer app to solve online harassment and put you back in control.
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You choose who you want to hear from

Lockout Filters filter out the people who are more likely to send you unwanted content on Twitter.

See only tweets from:

  • People I follow
  • People followed by people I follow
  • Verified users
  • People I've replied to

Review and take action

Notification filters are helpful but sometimes you need to see the content that's been hidden. Our Lockout Folder solves this problem by putting muted tweets into one place. So now, you're less likely to miss out on the important stuff.

Or let your friends help

Reviewing unwanted or harassing content can be draining. Helper View lets a trusted friend access your Lockout Folder so they can help review your social media accounts.

Your safety online is our top priority

Everyone should be able to speak freely online without feeling their physical or psychological safety is at risk.
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