This isn’t goodbye

...It’s hope to see you soon.

A message from Block Party
Block Party’s anti-harassment tools for Twitter are going on indefinite hiatus.
We’re so sorry if this disruption impacts your day-to-day experience on Twitter. Know that we fought to stay, and it’s still possible we’ll be able to return in the future.
In the meantime, we’re heading where the platforms can’t stop us.
(Your browser. We made a browser extension.)

We’ll still be fighting the trolls, but for now, we’re turning our focus to a different part of the problem. The part that comes before they start attacking you.

Old posts that get taken out of context in order to make you look bad. Seemingly innocuous details on a profile, like your hometown, being used to find and harass your parents. Fun meme posts being scraped by fraudsters for answers to security questions. Our social accounts are littered with scraps of personal information that we’re encouraged to share—and don’t realize can be weaponized by scammers, stalkers, and harassers. Embedded in every single social media setting is an unspoken tradeoff.

You deserve to choose boundaries for yourself, not to discover the hard way that you’ve accepted the secret risks of default settings. But ask any security team and they’ll tell you it takes hours to go through just your Facebook settings. Who has that kind of patience? It’s easy to put off forever.
We made Privacy Party.
Privacy Party is a browser extension that reduces your risk of harassment, cyberstalking, impersonation, fraud, spam, and other online attacks with automated privacy playbooks for your social media accounts. Expert recommendations help identify risks in your social accounts, and automations handle the confusing and tedious work of finding and implementing the settings to manage them.

The product is in alpha and supports three platforms right now: Twitter, Venmo, and Facebook.1 It’s designed for Chrome. If you’re already a Block Party user, you can login below and try it today. And if you’re not, you can get on the waitlist to try it very soon:
Privacy Party
for Chrome
Automated privacy playbooks
for your social accounts
Learn more
It’s been a tremendous privilege to help you protect your peace and establish boundaries for the last few years. We hope you will continue to block with abandon. Please stay in touch2.
— Tracy and the Block Party team
P.S. If used Block Party's Twitter product and you have questions about your account, check your email or check out our FAQs.
1 Why those platforms? Great question.
2 Follow us on Instagram. And LinkedIn! And, okay, yes, still Twitter. For now.