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If you don’t know about @blockpartyapp_ you should. You should also learn about @triketora and her team. They are building an amazing product. They are hiring.  If you want to help build a product with a mission, you should apply!I mute and filter a lot out to keep what I see on here less likely to send me into a rage, I’ll just step that up a little. Twitter has some built in filtering but I really like 
@blockpartyapp_ for this! It’s been great for keeping bots and jerks and bigots away from me on here.Have you tried @blockpartyapp_? I am quite happy with the features and the biggest bullshit doesn‘t reach me anymore. You can flag words and if you don‘t want to go through your auto-muted tweets, somebody else can do. There is an mass-block feature too, so you can blockits pretty funny that the trolls who keep attempting to harass me over having a political opinion different than theirs don't realize that i've got @blockpartyapp_ and not only am i not seeing it, but i'm spreading the blocks and mutes to a network of friends. keep it up trolls.Then you have the tools that help with a hoard. If you can afford or crowdfund for it @blockpartyapp_
 is helpful. In particular it holds most potential attackers in a place where you can’t see them until you (or a good friend or staff member) can permanently mute or block folks.Shea! I know you prob actually like the shaming aspect (lolz I like when you do it, too), but can’t recommend @blockpartyapp_ enough. Will automatically detect the racists and mute them for you so you never even have to give them one ounce of your brainpower!Twitter Support couldn't solve the issue of a bunch of automated bots spamming my tweets - but 
@triketora's @blockpartyapp_ could. Everybody wanting relief from spam/bot activity on here, sign up for BlockParty now:
cc @elonmuskI also recommend the app 
@blockpartyapp_ if you’ve reached the point where looking at your unfiltered mentions stresses you out. After about 9k followers, it’s just not feasible, and seeing so many people take your words in bad faith every day is not healthy.One of the best things in my social media life is the auto mutes from 
@blockpartyapp_. When I do my regular review of the stuff it blocked I’m like WOW. This app preserves my energy by keeping shit posters out of my way. 🥰 Thanks!I didn't block or mute really until I started using @blockpartyapp_ to auto-block and mute, and it was incredibly liberating. Now I block mostly whenever I feel like it, and it makes me less reluctant to tweet and comment.I use @blockpartyapp_, which mutes most replies. Maybe once a week I go through the muted accounts and decide whether to keep them muted or unmute them. The abusive assholes get blocked. I am not here to be some jerk with low self-esteem’s punching bag.
i love when I check my 
 weeks after tweets like this and it's a bunch of people with two followers like "yeah well you're stupid. you're a stupid idiot. idiot head face with no brain"i love when I check my 
 weeks after tweets like this and it's a bunch of people with two followers like "yeah well you're stupid. you're a stupid idiot. idiot head face with no brain"FYI Folks, I've installed something called @blockpartyapp_. Which means if you have no profile pic and/or less than 100 followers, I won't see your comments. This is to help me not see so many hurtful comments if I am harassed again. Hope I don't miss out on any of you.@oso @luis_sosa @lenazun I definitely concur on Blocking and Muting. I use @blockpartyapp_ which auto mutes accounts that are likely just created for trolling and let’s you block everyone that Likes a certain Tweet. I’m up to 24K or so Blocks here. Bonus: it’s made by @triketoraAlso, with respect to trolls/bots coming for me in particular, I have my preferences set to mute certain types of accounts, and use 
@blockpartyapp_ to do further muting. I can then go in at a later, emotionally distanced time to clear the tweet thread of junk. It helps.Reasons I continue to use and pay for @blockpartyapp_

I don't even know who that first knob is, and the second deleted their tweet. 

I said what I said about the "big streamers" remaining silent & even mocking efforts by others during hate raids; but suddenly caring about $$.Super pumped about the work 
@triketora is bringing into this world to make the internet safer for everyone.YES it's top notch. They also let you filter out people with shitty things in their bio or delegate managing who gets blocked to your friends.Jack! I just 💜 your activism and spirit! Also, without pretending to understand fully what you are going threw, I'd strongly advice you to never again respond to your bullies and check out @blockpartyapp_ to just mute the hell out of them #dontfeedthetrolls

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