Why won't the sidebar load?

If the Privacy Party sidebar is showing a message like "Oops! Something went wrong" instead of its normal content (see the following image for an example), you may need to reload the page or restart the extension.

Example of an error message in the sidebar

To restart Privacy Party, follow these steps: 

  1. First, close all of your open tabs
  2. Then, navigate to chrome://extensions
  3. On that page, you should see a panel for each extension installed on your computer. Find the panel for Privacy Party, and then click the toggle on the bottom right hand corner (see the image below) - this will disable the Privacy Party extension.
  4. Click the toggle again to re-enable the extension

The extension will now have been restarted and should work again.

The Privacy Party panel with an arrow pointing to the toggle

If you experience persistent issues, please email [email protected].