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Block Party Aims To Be A 'Spam Folder' For Social Media Harassment

What Tracy Chou learned about online harassment while building an app to solve it

Tracy Chou launches Block Party to combat online harassment and abuse

Tracy Chou’s Block Party is fighting online trolls—and the startup ecosystem itself

A feminist internet would be better for everyone

No Excuse for Abuse

How to Filter Out Twitter Trolls by Using Block Party

S4:E5 - Online Abuse and the Future of Anti-Harassment Tooling

Online Speech Is Now an Existential Question for Tech

Why social networks need better blocking tools

Techdirt Podcast Episode 268: A New Approach To Fighting Online Harassment

Stanford grad creates Block Party app to filter out Twitter trolls

Block Party : l’outil pour masquer les trolls sur Twitter

Tracy Chou: Block Party and How to Handle Online Harassment

Block Party: an app to help you kick internet trolls to the curb

The Information’s 411 — Working Remotely, or Not Remotely Working?

Muting Twitter trolls doesn’t always work. This app could be a better way to block harassment

Tracy Chou's app for blocking online harassment is in beta

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